We take pride in our cutting edge technology of producing the healthiest plants. Some of the ways we do this include:


We make our own fungal dominant, microbial rich compost through the most advanced methods possible: Elaine Ingham style compost, Johnson Su Bio Reactor, and of course, vermicomposting.

Integrated Animal Partnership

With the use of our ducks, we are able to provide the garden with nutrients and pest management.

Ceremonial Practices

One of the things that make MMF so unique are our spiritually focused practices. We know to truly make the change we desire in this world, we must change ourselves. We use ceremonial practices to continually bring in a higher Presence into our lives and farm, and to touch the world with beauty.

EM and BioChar

We use specific Effective Microbes (EM) and BioChar, a honeycomb charcoal substance, to enrich our compost, duck yard, and soils to be a better home for our microbes.

Soil Microbiology

The backbone of any farm is the soil, and good soil is made up not only of nutrients, but living micro organisms. At MMF, we partner with the microbes to grow our plants. We regularly grow, feed, and use microscopy to analyze the microbial content of our soils. Healthy Soil = Health Plants.

Ellen White Tree Planting

For all of our trees and shrubs, we plant them via the “Ellen White Method”. This methods came to Ellen White in a Dream in the 1800s while studying with aboriginals in Australia. In 3 years time, this method can produce 20 times the growth, productivity, and nutrients than conventionally planted trees.